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YooPlug Offers Websites that are Customizable and Affordable

YooPlug is a website building service that provides a wide selection of customization options while keeping costs as low as possible. YooPlug is ideal for thrifty small businesses that are seeking expansion into the online market. In today’s market, many professional web designers charge large sums of money for their services. Some web design projects can cost a business over $10,000 due to unnecessary coding and features, but YooPlug is able to keep costs low by providing only the services that are useful to a small business. By using YooPlug, small businesses can buy a fully functional website for $300. Website development can be fully completed in one day, so YooPlug’s service is efficient enough that businesses can begin to see the advertisement and online sales benefits of web expansion very quickly. YooPlug offers a variety of templates that are excellent for distributing news-type information, selling products, advertising services and products, and more. 

Specifically, YooPlug caters to restaurants, salons, service companies, service professionals, attorneys, medical practices, retailers, and entertainers. Each customer that buys a website from YooPlug gains full ownership of the site and its domain name. Because the customer owns any site created by YooPlug, businesses have the power to control and update web sites without waiting for a web designer. Content can be updated regularly through templates that are simple to use. No experience in HTML coding or Java script is necessary. 

A website’s visitors may contact the owning business through contact forms that are included in the site. These messages are sent to the site owner’s administration panel where they remain until they are deleted. For full integration into social media networks, YooPlug also includes widgets for Yelp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that can be placed onto pages. All of YooPlug’s templates are also designed in a way that the website appears organized and functions properly even when using mobile phones and tablets. 

Google tools such as maps and analytics are also fully integrated into websites. Analytics allows website administrators to analyze web traffic stats such as population and viewers’ cities or countries of origin. Maps will allow site users to find directions to the business or hosted events.For the first year after purchase, YooPlug website owners benefit from free updates. Small businesses will be able to use this perk to change the look and overall design for one year at no additional cost. YooPlug also includes the ability for site owner to grant tiered access to employees. This will give certain employees editing privileges and special access while other employees can use only the site’s more basic functions. YooPlug provides text and video tutorials, so that users can fully utilize customization options and web design features.


About YooPlug:
YooPlug is an affordable web design service that specializes in providing small businesses with template-based websites.

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